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Physiodispensor piezosurgery units

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A Physiodispenser, also known as the implant micromotor, is used to insert surgical components called implants into the bone in dentistry.
The procedure is performed with the assistance of rotary dental drills attached to the implant micromotor handpiece that provides controlled speed and torque value for effortless dental surgical procedures. It is time-saving for a dentist.

Working Principle:

A Physiodispenser includes the main unit, handpiece, saline tubings, foot control, etc. The use of a Physiodispenser allows the surgeon to control the speed and torque during implant placement that reduces the damage to the bone. This also has an integrated coolant system that avoids tissue necrosis during surgery that reduces postoperative complications in patients.

Advantages of Implant motor:
  • Easy to control speed & torque
  • More treatment safety
  • Time-saving
  • A fast and precise surgical procedure
  • Better Torque output
  • More implant stability
Factors to choose the right implant motor:
  • Functions: The basic functions that are available in any implant motor are speed control, torque control, programs, and forward-reverse function, but except this nowadays implant motors also have gear ratios change function, irrigation function, memorizing the implant systems, etc. which saves the time of a dentist and make implant motor more useful than ever.
  • Optic/Non-Optic: Implant motors with light contain LED, which transmits the light through a fiber optic that provides day-light illumination to increase the visibility of the clinician during surgeries. Currently, few implant motors also come with both non-optic/optic functions in the same unit.
  • Foot control: There are models with simple foot control, but also implant motors come with multifunctional foot control to change program and water coolant from the foot for hygiene maintenance during the surgical procedure.
  • Maximum torque value: This is a decisive situation for a dentist to choose the right implant motor as a maximum torque value is essential to take into consideration.
  • Irrigation system/ Water pump: The internally placed water pumps may be risky at times, but these days implant motors come with externally placed water pumps, which makes the PCB of the motor secure and long-lasting. Moreover, the irrigation system helps in reducing the risk of tissue damage and provides coolant.
Why Unicorn DenMart?
Unicorn Denmart is the right platform as it has a wide range of Implant motors starting from basic implant motors up to the most advanced implant motors to make the surgical procedure more precise and effortless.

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