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Advance Piezosurgery Unit - Surgery X

Advance Piezosurgery Unit - Surgery X

Advance Piezosurgery Unit - Surgery X

Woodpecker presents 3rd generation piezosurgery unit with high cutting efficiency for minimally invasive bone cutting during various maxillofacial surgeries. Its high-performance handpiece with stable frequency provides high accuracy and efficient micron cutting.

Here are some key points:

  • Precise cutting with no harm to soft tissue e.g. blood vessels, mucous membrane, etc
  • Micron cutting for faster healing & less post-operative trauma
  • Cold cutting mode i.e. less heat production saves tissue from necrosis
  • LED handpiece with the latest sealing technology for no loss of performance
  • Clear 7-inch touch screen with easy to disinfect.
  • Multifunctional foot control for asepsis operation
  • Gold plated tips with a long time of endurance which is wear-resistant.
  • Various clinical applications e.g. osteotomy procedures, osteoplasty, sinus lift, apicectomy, ankylosed tooth sectioning, impacted tooth removal, ridge split, etc.

· Vibration amplitude of tip – 20 to 100µm

· 4 modes – Bone, Perio, Endo, Clean

· Power level divided into 7 classes

o   Power 6,7 – very high-density bone

o   Power 5,4 – High-density bone

o   Power 3,2 – Low-density bone

o   Power 1,0 – Very low-density bone

· Cleaning mode – After each treatment, using this mode the pump line and handpiece can be cleaned.

· Working frequency – 24-36 kHz

· Water flow – 25-110ml/min

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