Implant Motor – Implant-X

02 Key Highlights

  • Imported Swiss motor with GRW German Bearing in the handpiece for high precision implanting
  • The lightweight motor ensures high clinical performance.
  • Flexible operation with LED motor.
  • Stable contra-angle with tiny oscillations provide stable torque output.
  • A perfect balance between contra-angle & motor reduces hand fatigue of Clinician.
  • Colored touch screen with glass interface for easy wiping of the screen with disinfection and maintain hygiene.
  • Mute peristaltic pump – easy to connect and ensure the safety of the treatment.
  • Flexible multifunctional foot control for aseptic operation.

03 Specification

Speed Range300 – 40,000 rpm
Torque range (20:1) gear ratio5 Ncm – 80 Ncm
Screen7 inches wide touch screen
Max pump output110m/min
LightBoth optic/non-optic option available in a single motor
Program8 step guided programs for implant placement.
Gear ratios available20:1, 16:1, 27:1, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:5
AnglesOption to use other contra-angles with different gear ratios

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it an optic. Model or non-optic model?

On the touch screen, there is option to switch from optic or non-optic as per the requirement. It provides benefits to the dentist to work freely in different dental procedures.

What all handpieces can be used in the 7th program?

 The 7th program in the Implant X is user-defined mode, where different gear ratios can be attached to carry out various functions. The gear ratios available are 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:5, 16:1 and 27:1. Using this mode, other procedures e.g. crown cutting, trimming, finishing & polishing and endo procedures can also be performed.

Which all brand contra-angle implant handpieces are compatible with implant X?

Various brands like W&H, NSK, KAVO, Marathon contra-angle handpieces are compatible with Implant X physiodispenser.

What all accessories come with Woodpecker Implant X Dental Implant Motor?

  •     Main unit – 1
  •     Motor with Cord – 1
  •     Implant X handpiece 20:1 gear ratio – 1
  •     Saline bottle holder – 1
  •     Multifunctional foot control with cord – 1
  •     Power Cable – 1

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