Prefect Result With Trios Intraoral Scanner
















Case information :

  • Patient was a 20 yr old girl 
  • No medical history 
  • H/o trauma few yrs back #21 asymptomatic
  • Spacing, deep bite, midline shift, canine cross bite, mild proclination.

Pre treatment x-rays :


Cadcam 1

Treatment objectives :  

  • Correction of cross bite
  •  Space closure 
  • Bite opening 
  • Smile correction 
  • Retraction 
  • Arch development

Treatment plan :

  • Phase 1: planned 16 sets 
  • 20-22 hrs wear time per day 
  • 14th day night change pattern
  •  Pt. motivation to wear for specified time
  •  Refinement or phase 2: 8 sets
  • Same wear pattern as above.

cadcam 3






Post treatment x-rays

cadcam 8

Patient monitoring



Advantages of in house aligners :

• Timely treatment with no lag
• Prompt treatment planning as per clinicians demand
• Replacement of any aligner in no time
• Can involve pt. in treatment planning easily and gain confidence in treatment
• Provide experiential treatment
• Can reduce cost to pt. to a greater extent
• Increased profitability of clinical practice

Discussion : 

  • Patient was co operative and that led to treatment success
  • No bite ramp on teeth required to correct cross bite
  • Designed bite ramps in aligners
  • Patient kept on removable retention for long time
  • Pressure point for labial root movement of canine
  • Pt, has been referred to prosthodontist for repair of # 21 (temporization done for photos only)
  • Attachments added in refinement stage on 16 26
    Trios Intraoral Scanner is the best choose for these type of surgery.












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