Anthos A5 Plus Dental Chair

01 Overview

Anthos A5 donates adaptability and offers the best choice of configuration and work ergonomics. Another innovation of Anthos brand as Anthos A5 dental chair gives freedom to dentist to think easy, think forward and well-being with then hygiene systems. Anthos A5 dental chair available versions: - Continental, International, Cart, Single Cart offers the dentist a series of customization options of great value from the Anthos brand.


09 Key Highlights

  • Anthos A5 dental chair doctor’s console with Color Touch LCD display gives easy & rapid access with multi-functional programming features.
  • Emergency stop – stop the movement of the dental chair by pressing any key from Dental chair control buttons.
  • multi-functional foot control unit makes it possible to activate/deactivate instruments and operate the Air and Water functions.
  • Endodontic mode optional in Anthos A5 makes every dentist first choice with integrated Apex locator optional application.
  • Fully Autoclavable micromotor gives precise torque adjustment.
  • Stop vacuum device at footboard reduces chair time.
  • Safety device at the base, backrest & assistant arm stops entrapment.
    • Automatic Trendelenburg and synchronized motion between backrest and seat.
    • Operator programs: 4 working positions + 2 (rinse and automatic return, return-to-zero position).
    • Height-adjustable headrest with double articulation and manually controlled stop.
    • Improved ergonomic designing of dentist’s module increased full potential of the dentist allows using six instruments to perform different operations.
  • Stop vacuum – ON/OFF of the suction system through foot control placed in the bottom of the chair
  • Safety system at the base, backrest & assistant arm module to avoid entrapment.
  • With Anthos A5active-passive hygiene system reduces the risk of cross -contamination.

Foot Control:-

  • Multifunctional foot control for easy operations and chair control movements.
  • Joystick for the activation of chair movements.
  • Easy control of  air and water for running instruments and  Activation of rinse (and automatic return) and return-to-zero position programs.
  • Ergonomic design with hygiene advantage (wireless foot control).
  • Instrument speed and power adjustment feature makes every operation more ergonomic.

Water Unit: –

  • Autoclavable and removable ceramic bowl, rotating of 270°.
  • Removable and Disinfectable cup filler unit.
  • Possibility to upgrade electro-mechanical movement for the cuspidor bowl.
  • Integrated optional hygiene system gives safe clinical environment.
  • Control command for water level.

Dental LED Light: –

  • Venus Plus L LED sensor light with 3000 K to 50000 K Lux intensity.
  • Colour temperature is 5.000 K . Infrared sensor to switch on/off and regulate intensity.
  • Minimum shadow feature gives clear visibility to the dentist.
  • Orbital movement gives flexibility to the operating field.
  • Protective screen. Disinfectable and removable handles.


  • Water Hygiene Equipment continuous disinfection system from water borne contaminants.
  • BIOSTER & FLUSING eliminates stagnant liquid from the ducts.
  • Out Drop No Retraction  mechanism automatically emits air jet from the handpiece after use.
  • Double filters to trap the solid particles and avoid water clogging

10 Delivery Unit

Delivery Unit:

  • A5 Dental unit available with CONTINENTAL, INTERNATIONAL, CART, SINGLE CART, SINGLE WATER UNIT delivery system.
  • LCD Touch display to visualize and control the instruments parameters and the hygiene devices.
  • It houses up to 6 instruments (6th instrument as option – for integrated camera or curing light) – Disinfectable and removable instruments hoses.
  • Module with induction MICROMOTOR i-MMr, with integrated spray, revolutions 100-40,000 rpm/torque 3.3 Ncm.
  • Module with 3 functions and stainless-steel SYRINGE, with removable and autoclavable handle and angular terminal.
  • 4-way electrified MIDWEST module for fiber optic
  • Anti-retraction system for the sprays of instruments (O.D.R. system) – Automatic Chip Air.
  • Independent spray regulation for each instrument.
  • Timer activation and management.
  • User profile selection:  for 4 operators available.
  • ENDODONTIC mode activation, with i-MMs motor (optional).
  • Visualization of integrated apex locator signal (optional).

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12 Frequently Asked Questions

Which sensor is used for multimedia purpose in Anthos A5 Plus dental chair?

For multimedia purpose in Anthos A5 plus dental chair, ZEN-X sensor is used.

Does this have endodontic mode?

Endodontic mode is optional in Anthos A5 Plus dental chair, it can be integrated as per the requirement of the dentist.

How many operator’s program is available in this Anthos A5 plus dental chair?

4 working positions and 2 pre-set positions like spitting and Automatic Return to Zero positions are available in this dental chair.

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