Composite Filling Instruments T.C. Blue Set Of 6Pcs

01 Overview

A set of 6 pieces composite filling instruments, blue Teflon coated to avoid stickiness of the composite material on the instrument while condensing. Perfect grip and maximum resistance to wear and corrosion make these instruments highly durable.


07 Key Highlights

  • The Handle Solid With Gentle Textured Groove 6mm.
  • Tweezer with Prevents Side-Slipping of Tips and Serrated Points.
  • Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk of slipping.
  • 100% Rust Free.
  • Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.
  • Fully Autoclavble.
  • Easy in Grasp, Gripp and Clean.
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified.
  • CE Certified Products.
  • 2 years warranty.

08 Specification

Composite Instruments Blue (TC Set Of 6 Pcs)SpecificationCatalog No.
CFITCB #1 API-99-702
CFITCB #2API-99-703
CFITCB #3API-99-705
CFITCB #4API-99-704
CFITCB #5API-99-705
CFITCB #6API-99-706

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