Rubber Dam Kit – Paedo With 6 Clamps & Clamp Holder

01 Overview

API Dental Rubber Dam Kit Instruments Organizer Wooden Box is given them more strength. A high-quality stainless-steel rubber dam kit, specially designed for Paedo patients, available with 6 clamps. The kit can be autoclavable at 134°C and 100% rust free.


06 Key Highlights

  • The Punch Ivory Handle With Smooth Gripp.
  • The Forcep Stocks Handle Designed for Clamps Holding.
  • The Clamps With High-Quality Stainless Steel and Well Temperature & Flexible.
  • 100% Rust Free.
  • Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.
  • Fully Autoclavable.
  • Easy in Grasp, Gripp and Clean.
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified.
  • CE Certified Products

07 Specification

HeadingNew Cat. No
1x Rubber Dam Punch Ivory API-99-889
1x Rubber Dam Forcep StockesAPI-99-890
1x Rubber Dam Clamp Holder S.S. API-99-RDCO
1x Rubber Dam Frame S.S. 5x5API-99-882
1x Clamp S.S. A1API-99-902
1x Clamp S.S. A2API-99-903
1x Clamp S.S. A3API-99-904
1x Clamp S.S. A4API-99-905
1x Clamp S.S. A5API-99-906
1x clamp S.S A6 API-99-907

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