BIOLASE Waterlase MDX All Tissue Laser

01 Overview

Thousands of dentists have added “no shot, no drill, no pain” WaterLase treatment to their patient offerings with our Laser system.

02 Key Highlights


· The most affordable WaterLase – System to increase treatment acceptance & attract new patients.

· Waterlase MDX offers complete versatility across all tissue types.

· Waterlase MDX features an easy-to-use interface with convenient presets make operation efficient and quick to learn

  • · Waterlase MDX utilizes SureFire Delivery System! An extremely light and flexible fiber optic cable which helps alleviate user fatigue.
  • · Two ergonomic, contra-angle handpieces for maximum versatility and access, compared to bulky articulating arms.
  • · Waterlase MDX is engineered to provide a refreshing, comfortable patient experience when compared to traditional tools

03 Specification

WavelengthEr;Cr : YSGG, 2780 nm
Power0.1 to 8.0 W (300mJ Model)
0.1 to 9.0 W (450mJ Model)
Pulse Repetition Rates10-50 Hz Clinician Selectable
Pulse Energy0-300mJ (300mJ Model)
0-450mJ (450mJ Model)
Laser Classification4
Operating Voltage100-230 VAC
Dimensions10.5 x 19 x 32 in (27 x 48 x 91 cm)
Weight75lbs (34 kg)

04 Frequently Asked Questions

How Waterlase MDX Tissue Laser Is Benefitted For The Doctor?

Waterlase MDX from Biolase USA helps dental professionals in increasing productivity by providing patient comfort as it reduces post-op complications and follow-ups. Also, it attracts new patients and improves case acceptance.

What is ЯR Technology?

It is a patented technology by Biolase USA that significantly improves efficiency by combining specular and diffusive reflectivity. Waterlase MDX Tissue Laser makes the laser reliable by increasing the pulse energy twice the time thus doubling the efficiency.

Why Titanium Fiber Cable is Used?

Titanium fiber cable is lightweight and most flexible with an extremely small diameter, which provides no pressure to the arm. Hence titanium fiber cable is used.

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