Carestream RVG CS 5200

01 Overview

Carestream RVG 5200 is known for user-defined image processing tools that allow you to program new default settings, either by using the pre-set tools or by defining your own. When it comes to the perfect choice of digital dental radiography, Carestream RVG 5200 is the ideal choice.

The intuitive intraoral imaging system is now available in an affordable range to meet all the requirements of dentists. Digital RVG CS 5200 sensor enhances the patient's comfort that is also reliable and easy to use. The workflow of CARESTREAM 5200 is simple as to position, expose, view with no control box and have new design. It's a plug and plays workflow system.


10 Key Highlights

It has 3 modes for better diagnosis pre-programmed in software that also help in optimizing image contrast.

  • ENDO

Quality of RVG CS 5200 IS 16 lp/mm as true resolution HD QUALITY.

RVG 5200 is 20% thinner than the previous model. It comes with the TOOTH –BRUSH TYPE positioner which helps to place the sensor more comfortably at its desired position. 

The best quality of digital Carestream RVG CS 5200 is fully waterproof and dust resistant with test and tried for maximum durability.

RVG CS-5200 permits you to customize images as indicated by your own determination for improved diagnostic accuracy.

11 Specification

True Image resolution16 lp/mm
Connection USB 2.0 high speed
Outside dimension27.6 X 37.7 mm
Dimension of active area22.2 X 29.6 mm
Sensor plate thickness7.3mm

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13 Client Testimonials

Carestream 5200 RVG Installation 3

Happy with the support

Dr. Devang Patel 

Carestream 5200 RVG Installation 1

Happy with the services

Dr. Aejaz Merchant

14 Frequently Asked Questions

Why makes Carestream RVG different from other?

The Carestream RVG provides true resolution of 16 lp/mm while the other RVG doesn’t have the true resolution. SO, the image clarity which you get on the monitor is crystal clear.

Why the Carestream RVG is a little bit thicker?

Because it is having shock absorbing layer which no other RVG in the market is having.

What is the length of the wire in the Carestream RVG?

Approx 3 meters

What is the unique feature the software provides?

The Carestream RVG software with the 3 modes i.e. Perio, Endo, DEJ gives more clarity to the dentist as well as it helps in educating the patient regarding the treatment planning.

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