Cruxcan PSP Scanner

01 Overview

Cruxell is a well known brand from the Republic of Korea. The company basically deals with the dental imaging system and has currently launched CRUXCAN. CRUXCAN is a dental PSP scanner which is specialized in the high-quality dental x-ray imaging system.

It has the innovative x-ray image processing technology and provides high-quality intra-oral x-ray images.CRUXCAN has the feature of being small and light and gives you a clear scan image in a short time which makes you bring high productivity and a more exact diagnosis. Cruxcan can output image quality in SR/HR mode & get quality images in all modes.Cruxcan has other features such as a PACS link, DICOM print and more are available for user-friendly programs.A total of 4 size imaging plates allow you to photograph various dental areas or dental sizes.


10 Key Highlights

  • 4 inch touch screen
  • Multi-user practices
  • Sleep mode for power saving
  • Stand-alone mode with built-in memory
  • Image resolution of up to 17lp/mm
  • Images are saved on built-in memory card up to 500 images
  • Light and compact

11 Technical Specification

Supported IP Size0/1/2/3
Resolution(Ip/mm)SR:20 / HR:10
Display4″ Touch screen
Multi-User PracticesYes
Sleep ModeYes
Weight3.3 (Kg)

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13 Client Testimonials

Dr. Mahesh
Dr. Neha Bhati

14 Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Cruxell PSP Scanner Unique Among All?

The magnetic rail system (when the film goes inside the scanner, the magnetic strip holds the film tight so the film life is more as in comparison to any other Cruxell Cruxcan PSP Scanner as they have rolling technique).

How Much Time It Takes To Display The Image On The Cruxcan PSP Scanner?

Within 3-4 sec

What Kind Of Sensor Is Used?

MPPC Sensor (Multi Pixel Photon Counter)

How Many Plate Sizes Are Provided With The Cruxell Cruxcan PSP scanner?

Plate size numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 are provided with the scanner which is sufficient for taking the radiograph as per the requirement.

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