Impression Trays Set Of 10 (Dentulas – Perforated)

01 Overview

API Impression Trays Denture Perforated Set Of 10 Pcs includes X-Large Upper U1,Large Upper U2,Medium Upper U3,Small Upper U4,X-Small Upper U5,X-Large Lower L1,Large Lower L2,Medium Lower L3,Small Lower L4,X-Small Lower L5. To enhance the quality & durabilty high quality strainless steel are used .Instruments Organizer Leather Pouch is given to keep them safe after use

02 Key Highlights

  • Impression Trays Dentulous Perforated Rim Lock.
  • Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk of slipping.
  • 100% Rust Free.
  • Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.
  • Fully Autoclavable.
  • Easy in Grasp, Gripp and Clean.
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified.
  • CE Certified Products.
  • 2 years of warranty.

03 Specification

HeadingSpec.Cat. No. L X W (mm)
X-Large Upper U1 U1API-99-98962x83
Large Upper U2 U2 API-99-89060x75
Medium Upper U3U3API-99-89153x73
Small Upper U4U4API-99-89254x69
X-Small Upper U5 U5API-99-89352x68
X-Large Lower L1 L1API-99-98963x82
Large Lower L2L2 API-99-89061x81
Medium Lower L3L3 API-99-89157x78
Small Lower L4L4API-99-89260x74
X-Small Lower L5L5API-99-89353x71

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