External Oral Suction – DS1000

01 Overview

During the treatment in the dental clinic, the doctors may use the ultrasonic scaler, 3-way syringe, high & low-speed handpiece and may other equipment's spray to generate a large amount of water mist combined with bacteria & Virus such as saliva, blood, and stones from the patient's mouth, which will produce aerosols, the external oral suction remove these aerosols to prevent cross-infection between the doctors and the patients

With the strong suction Vaccum pressure (-10 KPa to -20 KPa) and large flow rate, which greatly reduces s the risk of cross-infection between doctors and the patients. The aerosol and air entered the suction unit are filtered through the primary filter and HEPA (H13) strainer, sterilized by ultraviolet rays, and then discharge through a large amount of plasma sterilization and purification.

02 Key Highlights

* 4 stage filtration and purification through the primary filter, UV light, Plasma ions Sterilisation, and HEPA filter.

* Unique Plasma Ions generators which secrets 80 million/ml +ve ions and 100 million/ml -ve ions.

* Work both as an air purifier and air sterilizer in Operative area.

* High graded HEPA H13 filter with a pore size of 0.3 microns.

03 Specification

Rated Voltage110-220V
Rated power1.35 KW
Suction Pipe Diameter75mm
Noise<= 65 dB
Net Weight42KG
HEPA Filter Efficiency99.97%
HEPA filter gradeH13, 0.1-0.3 micron level, Carbon activated
Max vacuum-20 Kpa
Max Air-Flow3000L/Min
UV light9 w, 258 nm
Plasma -ve ions100 million/ mm3
lasma +ve ions80 million/mm3

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main use of DS 1000 in dentistry?

DS 1000 is an extraoral suction placed near the mouth of the dentist for the aspiration of aerosols generated from the use of high-speed handpieces. It prevents the aerosol transmitted infections to a healthy individual inside the dental clinic.

How much space is required for DS 1000 in dental clinic?

DS1000 is a portable device with wheels, it can be placed near any dental chair. It has the dimension of 320mm × 320 mm × 850 mm. So, it doesn’t require extra space in a dental clinic.

Can this extraoral suction purify the virus?

This extraoral suction has 6 layers of filtration with carbon filter, primary HEPA, UVC filter, Plasma ion generator, Secondary HEPA filter to purify the air and the make the air free from all pathogens including bacteria, virus etc.

Is DS 1000 extra oral suction very noisy?

The noise level of DS 1000 extraoral suction is very low i.e. ≤ 65dB for comfort of both dentist and patient during dental surgical procedures.

What is the accuracy of air filtration in DS 1000?

DS 1000 provides 99.95% of air filtration. It has the capabilities to filter up to 0.3 μ size of microbes.

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