Endo Radar Plus

01 Overview

Woodpecker has introduced desk-type Brushless Endo Motor with an integrated apex locator to make your root canal treatment more accurate & fast. With its advanced features & high-performance motor, it provides more comfort for both(Patient & Doctor).

02 Key Highlights

  • High-performance brushless motor with reduced vibration & noise.
  • Reciprocation mode to prevent procedural accidents.
  • Auto-reverse function for the preservation of canal anatomy.
  • 360 degree rotatable ultra-mini head with a slim neck for easy access to last molar region.
  • Wireless connection of handpiece with the unit for easy operation.
  • Touchable intelligent HD LCD display system.

03 Specification

Reciprocating Angle Range 20° - 360°.
Torque Range0.4 - 5.0 Ncm
Speed Range100 - 1200 RPM
Rotatable Contra Angle360°
FunctionAuto-reverse function
ModesBuilt-in 11 user-defined modes & more than 30 main-stream file system
Head size6:1 Gear Head With Super Slim Head Size.

LengthIntegrated Length Determination

04 Product Videos

05 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Auto reverse and auto forward function?

Yes, we do have 3 auto reverse functions for preservation of canal anatomy and reduce procedural accidents during Biomechanical preparation of canal.

Any standard file can be used or it is compatible with any endo file?

This Endoradar plus is compatible with all Ni-Ti files.

How many cases can be performed once the handpiece is fully charged?

The handpiece battery is 2000mAh, so it can continuously work for 2.5 hours, accordingly easily 6-7 cases can be performed with this handpiece depending upon the type of tooth.

Is there any integrated apex locator?

Yes, it has an integrated 5th generation apex locator.

How reciprocation function works?

Reciprocation creates a drilling effect for effortless biomechanical preparation of calcified canals or narrow canals by large forward rotating angle followed by reverse smaller rotating angle.

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