Endo Smart Endomotor

01 Overview

Endo Smart Endomotor is an ergonomically designed endo motor that comes with various amazing features for the effortless preparation of the root canal. Its advanced 6 programs allow for more efficient and safer preparation as per the case requirement.


08 Key Highlights

  • Ergonomically designed body with lightweight for easy operation.
  • LED integrated for a better view inside the oral cavity.
  • A small and ultra-mini head contra-angle allows for better accessibility.
  • Easily autoclavable contra-angle at 135° C for preventing cross-contamination.
  • LED Screen on the handpiece itself for easy changing of the speed and torque while working.
  • Left-right reciprocation function for high precision root canal preparation.
  • In-built large capacity lithium-polymer battery for longer endurance.
  • Voice prompt at low power.
  • 6 Programs with memory set option that stores the data in advance and can modify as per the requirement while working.

09 Specification

Weight210 gms
Environmental condition5°c -40c°
Relative Humidity95%
Warranty6 months
Atmospheric Range50 kPa – 106 kPa
Gear ratio(16:1)
Speed range120 -500 rpm
Torque range0.6 – 4.0 Ncm
6 ProgramsPositive & negative reciprocation
Negative & Positive Reciprocation
One-way forward
One-way inversion
Forward when meet resistance
Reverse when meet resistance
Compatible with all major brands of Ni-Ti files

10 Frequently Asked Questions

How many pre-set programs are there for biomechanical preparation?

There are 6 programs for biomechanical preparation of root canal, those can be used as per the requirement of the case.

What is the maximum speed of the handpiece with 16:1 gear ratio?

The maximum speed of the handpiece with 16:1 contra angle is 500 rpm.

Is it accessible for the posterior molar region?

yes, this handpiece comes with ultra-mini head that can be easily accessible for the posterior molar region.

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