Gnatus G3 Dental Chair

01 Overview

Gnatus G3 Dental chair with new design and biosafety feature provides optimum dental hygiene. Traditional dental chair with ergonomics and chair function from the foot control provides aseptic dental operation.


08 Key Highlights

  • Gnatus G3 powered by German Bosch Motor for smooth & jerk – free movements.
  • Anti – Skidding edging base with ABS injected engineering plastic covering provide steadiness.
  • Seamless upholstery with accentuated lumbar support gives comfort to the patient.
  • Featured with Proximity sensor – auto control the spittoon water.
  •  Four handed dentistry design makes it friendlier.
  • 4 Working positions with status memorization.
  • Integrated with Emergency Stop function to stop unexpected movements for long surgical procedures.
  • Integrated connection Box that optimizes the space inside the office.
  • Integrated Multifunctional Foot control featured with preset chair positions control along with dental operating light activation and adjustment of intensity of the dental light. 
  • Zero backache stools (helps to prevent Spondylitis and low back pain) give more comfort to dentist for correct positioning for surgical procedures.
  • Gnatus G3 with solid steel base powered by BOSCH motor coated with non-corrosive paint gives strength to the dental chair.
  • Integrated multifunctional foot control featured for emergency stop, activation & Intensity adjustment of dental light.
  • Anti-skidding base gives right positioning of the dental chair.
  • Seamless upholstery with double articulated headrest for handicapped and pediatric patients, headlock system with leverArticulated patient support arm, 90 degree folding with internal metal structure 
  • Integrated Low and High suction cannulas give free space for four handed dentistry.
  • Water unit with proximity sensor along with cup filler electrical command.

Foot Control: –

  • Multi-functional foot control with chair positioning commands (Four work programs, spitting position, return to last position and memory with the status of the dental light).
  • Activation and adjustment of the intensity of the dental light.
  • Automatic return to zero position.
  • Movements blocking of dental chair with emergency light indication.

Water Unit: –

  • Disinfect-able and removable bowl for easy cleaning, rotating of with 60 degree.
  • Cup filler with electrical activation command.
  • Featured with Proximity sensor –auto control the spittoon water.
  • Debris filter located in the body of water unit, easy to clean or access.
  • Translucent 1000ml reservoir for handpiece water and triple syringe.
  • Integrated with Low Vacuum and High Vacuum suction cannulas.

Dental Light:

  • Shadow less LED dental light with 35000 Lux with reflector.
  • 620-degree rotation gives precise positioning of dental light in all positions.
  • Multifaceted mirror with multi coating treatment generates countless light sources.

09 Delivery Unit

  • Advanced dentist console with pneumatic locking arm system to avoid unnecessary displacement.
  • PAD command panel with negatoscope coupled.
  • Allows the coupling of up to five working terminals.
  • Regulation of the flow water in the spitter and cup holder.
  • Featured with Emergency Stop of the chair command.
  • Activation of the Bio System feature.
  • Delivery Unit with one 3-way syringe and 2 Airotor and 1 Micromotor point.
  • Featured with pressure gauze point.
  • Featured with inbuilt LED X-Ray viewer.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

How many air rotor points come with Gnatus G3 dental chair?

Gnatus G3 dental chair comes with 3 air rotor points and one 3-way syringe.

Is this chair customizable for left handed dentist?

Yes this chair can be customizable for left handed dentist.

Does this chair has locking system to stop movement of delivery unit?

Yes, the delivery unit has pneumatic locking system under the handle of the unit to avoid any displacement and provide smoothness in the movement.

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