Gnatus BIoclave 21L – N Class Autoclave

01 Overview

Gnatus N class autoclave comes with innovative design and excellent functionality to make the sterilization more effective. Gnatus, a Brazilian brand known for its outstanding commitment towards the healthcare industry to provide the best & reliable equipment with the smartest technology in the market. Gnatus Bioclave, the front-loading autoclave with 21L capacity is equipped with safety features to ensure completion of the sterilization process.


08 Key Highlights

  • Ensure Biosafety.
  • Injected aluminum coated with a stainless steel door with silicon ring having excellent flexibility that assures appropriate sealing during all sterilization cycles.
  • Glass wool internal thermal insulation for the proper heating cycle with no loss of temperature.
  • Simple & easy handling control panel for quick operation.
  • N Class Semi-Automatic Autoclave with 21L capacity.
  • Manometer for suitable monitoring pressure & temperature.
  • Thermo-switch to protect the system against excessive elevation of temperature.
  • Last but not the least, Device with a safety system against accidental doors opening.
  • Sterilization of solid and non-porous instruments.
  • Automatic deaeration– assures uniform and constant temperature in the tank during the sterilization cycle.
  • Completion of dry cycle with the semi-opened door.
  • Stainless Steel chamber with quick heating and cooling which is resistant to the constant heating process.
  • Operation temperature – 128ºC ±5 (123 to 133ºC)

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10 Frequently Asked Questions

What type of instruments can be sterilized inside the Gnatus Bioclave 21L Dental Autoclave?

As Gnatus Bioclave 21L is an N class autoclave, Only the Solid and Unwrapped instruments can be sterilized inside this. 

Why there is anti-vacuum valve and Safety valve?

The anti-vacuum valve and the safety valve helps in prevention of over-pressure inside the chamber. Hence for safety purpose these are available on the door of the autoclave.

Can handpieces be sterilized inside this Dental Autoclave?

No, the handpiece is a hollow instrument and inside the N class autoclave there is no vacuum cycle, so handpieces cannot be sterilized in this autoclave.

How dry cycle occur with semi-open door?

In Gnatus Bioclave 21L, when the dry cycle starts, the door is kept semi-open and the heat inside the chamber is kept elevated for 30 minutes, hence the moisture on the sterilized instruments gets dried.

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