E3 Dental Lab Scanner

01 Overview

Medium to high-level lab scanner for those labs who want to work on the implant level work such as abutments, screw-retained crowns, etc. This scanner is faster than E1 AND E2 scanner for more fast work.

02 Key Highlights


7microns for models and 10 microns for implants


It is a color scanner for better differentiation between gingiva and model.

2 Cameras

Two cameras save you time by scanning models. You can even scan impressions instead of producing a gypsum model or combine impression and die at the same time

High precision

5MP cameras are super high definition cameras. They record 5-megapixel images with enhanced camera sensors, meaning you get superior image clarity and can do high-precision scanning.

Multi blue led lines light

For better scanning

03 Specification

Accuracy (ISO 12836/study model)7 μm/10 μm
Scan speed (arch)18 sec
Scan speed (full arch impression)64 sec
Scanning StrategyStandard
2 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy of the scanner?

It has 7 microns accuracy

What is the technology on Lab scanner?

It has multi blue LED line technology for scanning

How many cameras does this scanner has?

It has 2 cameras for scanning 5 MP

Can implant cases be scanned in this scanner?


Does it scan in texture?

Yes, it does in color.

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