Luvis C500 Dental Light with HD Camera

01 Overview

Luvis C500 is a professional LED light system for dental clinics. A Korean product provides daylight-like natural light with much less dazzling helps the dentist to concentrate on surgery and reduces eye fatigue. It guarantees accurate and reliable natural color.

02 Key Highlights

  • High color rendering index (CRI) of RA 95, realizes more clear and natural like color.
  • Selectable color temperature for the dentist to find a more suitable and comfortable light color.
  • Wide focus with stable intensity & quality light.
  • Easy to operate control panel.
  • Easy detachable main handle to autoclave without damage.
  • Optional internal camera, resin cover, remote control

03 Specification

Sensor (on/off, Intensity control)
3 Steps of color temperature(4,000K/4, 500K/5, 000K)
Wide focusWith its highest level of uniformity (d50/ d10>75) and wider focal pattern
Number of LED8
Head Size28cm * 17cm

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the intensity of Luvis C500 dental light?

The maximum intensity of Luvis C500 dental light is 50,000 Lux.

What is the C.R.I of Luvis C500?

The Color Rendering Index (C.R.I.) value of Luvis C500 is 95Ra.

What all color temperatures can be controlled with this light?

3 color temperatures can be controlled with Luvis C500 dental light i.e. 4000K, 4500K, 5000K.

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