01 Overview

Osseo 100 evaluates implant stability and Osseointegration to assist you in determining when to load an implant.This is especially important when working with patients who need quick care, such as one-stage, immediate loading, or early loading, or when dealing with high-risk patients, such as those with compromised bone, smokers, bruxism, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, grafts, membranes, and soon

The simple procedure for measuring ISQ allows the implant loading period to be planned ahead of time. Crown and bridge replacement can be tracked to improve timing and reduce the probability of failure. Since the equipment does not make direct contact with the implant or abutment, measurements may be taken without causing undue harm.

02 Key Highlights

Non-invasive, objective, accurate and repeatable.

Light weight approx. 100gm

Reduced treatment time

Reusable MulTipeg

MulTipeg can use for all major implant system

ISQ Standard Calibrated

Monitor osseointegration

Manage risk patients

03 Specification

Power input5VDC, 1 VA
Charger input100-240 VAC, 5VA
Instrument weight100 g
Battery full charge timeApprox. 3 hours
Battery continuous drive timeApprox. 1 hour

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISQ value

The ISQ value is the Implant Stability Quotient. It measures the degree of Osseointegration with implant & shows the stability of implant

How to check the stability of the implant?

The ISQ value represents the stability of the implant on the universal ISQ scale from 1 to 99. The more the ISQ value, the stable is the implant or reduced micro mobility of the implant.

What material the mulTipeg is made of?

The MulTipeg is made of biocompatible Titanium material that is more durable.

Can this mulTipeg be autoclavable?

Yes, this mulTipeg can be autoclavable up to 20 times.

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