Roland DWX-42W Dental Milling Machine

01 Overview

Specially designed for in clinic chair side wet milling machine. For faster, high accuracy, high aesthetic crown and prosthesis. DWX-42W empowers wet processing of well-known glass ceramics and composite resin with high exactness and precision. DWX-42 W has a better performance with 4 axis wet milling machine.

For the in house milling from 50 time's faster than the previous generation. New designed Ronald DWX-42W wet dental mill specially designed spindle which require 65% less air volume and 50% less air pressure. Ronald DWX-42W come up with extended 6 Automatic Tool Changer for uninterrupted milling. LAN proficient for simple network. Included VPanel for simple observing of processing for the jobs and tools. To enhance the work flow & capacity of the machine, they have includes NEWLY DESIGN NOZZLES AND COOLANT TANK.

02 Key Highlights

  • 4 Axis wet Roland DWX-42W Dental milling machine.
  • High-speed production
  • 6 automatic tool changer.
  • New nozzles and expanded coolant tank for greater workflow.
  • Specially designed for glass-ceramic and composite resin.
  • It can run without recurring the high-volume compressor.

03 Specification

Cuttable MaterialGlass ceramics, composite resins
Spindle rotating speed15,000 to 60,000 rpm
Rotary axis travel angleA: ±360°
Number of milling burs housed6
Compatible compressed air0.3 Mpa or Higher
Power consumptionApprox.. 190W
Weight61 KG

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

How many axes does Roland DWX 42W Dental milling machine have?

It has 4 axes

Which type of milling it has? Dry milling or Wet milling?

It has wet milling.

Does it require extra compressor?

It has inbuilt compressor for Zirconia material milling. For PMMA material, the compressor will be required.

How many tools holder does this machine have and Is it manual or automatic tool changer?

It has automatic tool changer along with 6 tool holders.

Can soft metal be milled in this Roland Dental Milling Machine?

Yes, with the help of diamond coated tools.

Can we mill lithium disilicate?

Yes, we can

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