Runyes QI16 – N Class Autoclave

01 Overview

A N class front-loading autoclave with availability of dry cycle. It has digital display of pressure & temperature and double door lock system for enhanced safety.


07 Key Highlights

  • N type fully automatic front loading autoclave with a capacity of 16 Ltr.
  • With dry cycle autoclave & micro processor controlled.
  • Wrapped / unwrapped, non porous, solid instrument can be sterilized.
  • Digital display of pressure and temperature.
  • Inbuilt Sensor for distilled water
  • Double safety lock on the door.
  • Silicon Gasket prevents any leakage of air.
  • Diagnostic automatic alarm for any malfunctioning.
  • Can be used at 121 degree C / 134 degree C during sterilization.
  • 2 Storage tanks for fresh and used water.
  • Chamber size 230 mm x 360 mm.
  • Net weight 50 Kg.
  • No. of Tray 3 Nos.

08 Frequently Asked Questions

What all instruments can be sterilized in this autoclave?

As this is a non-vacuum steam sterilizer, so only solid & unwrapped instruments can be sterilized in this autoclave.

What all temperature selections can be done?

This Autoclave from Runyes, allows to choose from 2 temperatures i.e. 121°C and 134°C.

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