NSK Varios 970 Scaler

01 Overview

All-in-one – Stylish compact all-in-one unit for Periodontic, Endodontic, Scaling, MI applications and Implant maintenance. Convenient large capacity bottles of 400ml of the same solution each or different solutions with independent pumps. The all new Varios features the latest developments in piezo technology; The iPiezo engine from NSK assures stable output by automatically adjusting to the optimum frequency depending on the loading of the tip.

02 Key Highlights


All operating parameters are clearly displayed on the large LED display controlled by easily recognizable buttons.

Feedback Function

The NSK iPiezo engine supplies the appropriate power to the tip depending on the condition of the tooth surface. iPiezo engine provides a stable frequency output without dropping the power, even when removing hard calculus.

Auto Tuning Function

The Auto Tuning Function provides stable frequency to the tip at the selected power range. It allows the operator to feel the power output which ensures the optimum result.

Memory Function

User settings including power and volume are memorized internally saving valuable time. Additionally, even during power failures, these user settings remain intact.

Easily changeable solution bottles

2 large 400ml bottles are quickly and easily exchanged. Appropriate solution can be used for several clinical purposes

Designed for easy on site maintenance

Simple and seamless unit design realizes optimum hygiene for daily use.

Irrigation Setting with Right and Left Bottle and Tap Water

Varios 970 can use both right and left bottle, and tap water. Select the Irrigation Mode with the select key on the front panel. LED on front panel indicates which bottle is in use.

Improved Durability Against Antiseptic Solutions

The introduction of the resin based water pipe of the bottle, pump and handpiece, assures dramatically improved durability as it substantially reduces the corrosion and rust caused by the residuum of antiseptic solutions.

Auto Cleaning Mode

The Auto Cleaning Mode flushes the tubing and handpiece at the push of a button after the use of special solutions. Activating Varios 970 auto cleaning mode flushes both irrigation lines independently.

Dial Function

The newly designed interface, dial type and palmtop type, makes it easy to adjust and control the water volume from the attached bottle and water supply.

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04 Frequently Asked Questions

What all settings can be memorized in this scaler?

User settings including power and volume can be memorized internally in this scaler for saving time of the dentist.

What is the capacity of the bottle those come along with the scaler?

large 400ml bottles come along with the scaler that can be easily exchanged for use during scaling procedures.

What solutions can be used along with the unit?

Any mouthwash having chlorohexidine or betadine lotions etc. can be used with the scaler as per the requirement of the dentist.

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