VHF K4 Edition – Dry Machining

01 Overview

A COMPACT DESIGN FOR MILLING OF ZIRCONIA , WAX ,PMMA,NOW EVEN composite , VHF Have K4 EDITION milling machine which is perfectly design for In-house dental milling for dentist or small to medium Dental lab for milling specially for zirconia , 4Axes milling machine with Dry modules with automatic tools changer up to 7 tools makes this machine more advance and precision in Milling . Vhf is more reliable in terms of software their own CAM 7 SOFTWARE for nesting of crowns. Vhf K4 Edition ensure better results even working with the Chrome cobalt material.

02 Key Highlights

  • 4 Axes
  •  1 Disc
  •  7 Tools
  •  Dry Module
  •  Mill

Highest accuracy

The automatic axis measurement and compensation ensure a consistently high machining precision – and thus top-quality results.

Automatic changer for 7 tools

With K4 edition, you get an automatic tool changer with 7 stations that enable complete machining of the workpiece without manual intervention of the operator.

Worldwide applicable

Due to far range switching mode power supply for 100 – 240 V and 50/60 Hz with country-specific mains plug. Certification according to ANSI/UL61010-1 for exports to the USA and Canada.

Sophisticated protective mechanisms

Protection of the danger zone during the machining process with an automatic safety interlock at the front cover. Protection of the mechanics against dust and chippings as well as reduced wearing and maintenance effort due to the integrated working chamber sealing air concept.

Wide range of materials and indications

Machining of plastics, wax, zirconium oxide and composites up to non-precious alloys on the cobalt-chrome basis. For crowns, bridges (also fully anatomical), inlays, onlay etc.

4 simultaneously working axes

The integrated HarmonicDrive® rotary axes (A axis) has a rotary range of 360 degrees

03 Specification

Millable MaterialZirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite resin, PEEK,
, CoCr soft metal
Spindle rotating speed60,000 RPM
Rotary axis travel angleA : + 360o ( 4 axes )
Number of milling burs housed7 tools
Module Dry Milling Machine
Material type Blank ( DISC )

04 Product Videos

05 Happy Clients

Mr. Akshay Chandraker

Dr. Akshay Chandraker
Smile Dental Lab (Dhamtari)

I have purchased VHF K4 Milling Machine from unicorn denmart. Installation was done by the Unicorn team. I am really happy with Machine & service. Thank u so much!

Dr. Neeraj

Dr. Neeraj
Classic Dental Lab (Raipur)

I’ve recently purchased VHF K4 Dental Milling Machine. The delivery was on a date and the installation was done by Unicorn Dentmart Ltd. I am highly reconditioning this Machine for everyone

06 Frequently Asked Questions

How many axes VHF 4k Edition Dental Milling Machine have?

4 Axes

Does soft metals can be milled in 4K Edition Machine

Yes, with the help of special diamond-coated tools, soft metals can be milled

How many tools holder does this Dental Milling Machine have?

K4 edition has 7 tools holder

How much HP compressor is required with the K4 Edition Dental Milling Machine?

With the K4 edition milling machine 3 HP compressor with dryer is required to run the machine.

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