VHF N4 Plus Dental Milling Machine

01 Overview

The N4+ is a wet processing machine for grinding glass ceramic, composite and zirconium blocks as well as titanium abutments. This machine combines the high precision and fast drives common to all vhf machines with a liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.

02 Key Highlights

  • Exceptional Precision
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Absolute Independence
  • Maximum Economy 
  • Work on up to 3 blocks with 45 mm length at the same time
  • Automatic changer for 8 tools
  • Webcam in working chamber for remote monitoring

03 Technical Specification

Cuttable MaterialLithium Disilicate ( EMAX ) ,Titanium
Spindle rotating speed80,000 RPM
Rotary axis travel angleA : + 360o ( 4 axes )
Number of milling burs housed8 tools
InterfaceEthernet Interferance
ModuleWet module
Material type 3 BLOCKS UPTO 3 UNITS

04 Product Videos

05 Frequently Asked Questions

How many axes does this VHF N4+ Dental Milling Machine has?

it has 4 axes.

Can we mill Zirconia in N4 Plus Dental Milling Machine?

Only pre-sintered zirconia can be milled.

how many units block can be milled in N4+ Milling Machine?

3 units up to 3 blocks

Can we mill Zirconia in N4+ Dental Milling Machine?

Only pre-sintered zirconia can be milled.

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