VHF Z4 Dental Milling Machine

01 Overview

When it comes to Milling crowns In House, the Z4 sets unprecedented quality standards with unparalleled efficiency. Z4 is developed for CHAIRSIDE DENTISTRY applications, Specially designed for Lithium Disilicate (EMax & Titanium Crowns & abutments). It’s futuristic housing and intuitive design & easy-to-use operating controls conceal a high-precision milling and grinding machine.

The Z4 is an investment that will pay off for you: High-quality restorations with maximum independence. From the intraoral scanner to the Dental milling machine, users work with a single interface and therefore only need to familiarize themselves with one software package. This is the convenience of completely integrated workflows!

02 Key Highlights

  1. 4 Axes
  2.  1 Block
  3.  6 Tools
  4.  Wet Module
  5.  Mill & Grind

All common block materials up to 40 mm length and even abutments

Composites, Plastics/wax, Glass-ceramics, Zirconia, Titanium

Maximum freedom of indication

Crown/bridge, Inlay/Onlay, Abutment, Veneer

Highest Precision:

  • Milling and grinding in ultra HD.
  • Heavy industrial quality.
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy.

Fastest Production:

  • Restorations in under 10 minutes.
  • 2-second block insertion.
  • 100,000 RPM electrical high-frequency spindle.

Complete Independence:

  • 30 block materials from 12 manufacturers – and growing.
  • > 140 titanium and CoCr prefab abutments from 11 manufacturers.
  • Validated with all established scanners and design software.
  • Integrated PC with touch screen & Wi-Fi – no laptop or tablet necessary.
  • Built-in compressed air – no compressor needed.

Extremely Economical:

  • Clearwater – no additives necessary.
  • Easy to learn, easy to operate.
  • The perfect complement, made by vhf: long-life precision tools with competitive pricing.

03 Technical Specification

Cuttable MaterialLithium Disilicate ( EMAX ) ,Titanium
Spindle rotating speed1,00,000 rpm
Rotary axis travel angleA : + 360o ( 4 axes )
Number of milling burs housed6 tools
ModuleWet module
Material type Block

04 Product Videos

05 Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Axes VHF Z4 Dental Milling Machine Has?

This machine has 4 axes.

Can we mill disc in Z4 Milling Machine?

No, it cannot be done.

How many units block can be milled in this VHF Z4 Milling Machine?

3 units up to 1 block can be milled in this Z4 milling machine

What additional features Z4 Milling Machine has?

It has a ceramic body with an inbuilt webcam.

Is it a Wet Milling Machine or Dry Milling Machine?

It is a wet milling machine.

Can zirconia be milled in Z4 Milling Machine?

Only pre-sintered zirconia can be milled in this machine.

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