Waterlase MD Turbo Laser

01 Overview

The Waterlase MD Turbo is the perfect all-tissue laser for the multi-speciality dentist who performs a wide range of procedures. Combining high speed with industry-leading Waterlase technology. The MD Turbo offers the highest degree of clinician power, operational performance and versatility in the range of tips and accessories. The special proprietary combination of a YSGG laser and water spray technology generated by the Waterlase MD Turbo Laser provides revolutionary cutting speeds.

In just 30 to 60 seconds, the MD Turbo will execute minimally invasive Class II MO/DO cavity preps.It also excels in cutting osseous tissue and cuts soft tissue quicker than soft tissue lasers and with less trauma.

02 Key Highlights

  • Improves comfort for patients.
  • Enhances retention of patients.
  • Attracts emerging patients.
  • Energizes dental practices.
  • Boosts acceptance of cases and raises revenue more procedures for one appointment.
  • Extend the skills and procedures.
  • Eliminates post-op problems of post-op follow-up.
  • No drill, no needle, no pain.
  • Avoids injection stress and the possibility of drug reactions for children and elderly people.
  • Return to the everyday routine more rapidly after treatment.
  • Superior health outcomes, minimally invasive to surrounding dental structure.
  • Multi-quadrant procedures in one visit .
  • Advantage for patients who are immune compromised.
  • Reduces the possibility of cross-contamination infection.

03 Specification

Laser classification4
MediumEr, Cr:YSGG
Average power0.1–8.0W
Pulse energy0–300mJ

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05 Client Testimonials

Waterlase MD Turbo Review

Excellent service support.

EDUcare Dental College

06 Frequently Asked Questions

Why Waterlase MD Turbo Dental Laser YSGG Technology Is Superior?

Waterlase YSGG technology is unique, powerful and patented YSGG laser wavelength of 2780nm. It cuts, etches and shapes the targeted tissue without heat and also highly effective for gums, skin and bone.

How YSGG Gold handpiece is different from others in the market?

MD Turbo Dental laser YSGG gold handpiece is patented, only illuminated only contra-angle handpiece on any dental laser. It is the smallest handpiece.

What are the hard tissue applications of Waterlase MD Turbo Dental laser?

Waterlase MD Turbo Dental laser can be used for cavity preparation, endodontic canal preparation, crown preparation, crown lengthening, osteotomy procedures, impaction surgeries etc.

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