IntraOral Camera with TFT Screen

01 Overview

A smartly designed intraoral camera with a large LCD screen and wireless connectivity allow the dentist to work smoothly in the dental clinic without the disturbance of the cord. It provides great accessibility inside the patient’s oral cavity and helps in easy diagnosis and treatment planning.


08 Key Highlights

  • Wireless 5G intraoral camera handpiece with Large LCD display.
  • Double-sided camera button for easy operation.
  • Supports Apple, android & windows systems. 
  • Continuous operation till 3 hours. 
  • Strong Anti-interference ability of the handpiece with stable transmission signal
  • Easy Installations in the dental chair.

In-built SD card for permanent storage of intraoral images.

09 Specifications

ConnectionWi-Fi 5G
Display19-inch LCD Screen
Display Resolution1600x900
Working VoltageDC12V

10 Frequently Asked Questions

Does 5G IOC compatible with RVG?

Yes, the same LCD screen can be used for RVG if connected with a system. Without the system, the LCD screen can only be used for intraoral cameras. 

Does the 5G Intraoral Camera have any battery?

Yes, the intraoral camera has a battery that can be chargeable with the provided port.

Can It Be Installed In The Dental Chair?

Yes, it can be easily installed in a dental chair with the use of TFT clamps.

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