Coxo Amalgamator

01 Overview

Coxo amalgamator is a digital device with ergonomic design, controlled by a microprocessor to ensure a precise, controlled, consistent mix.

02 Key Highlights

  • Safe & highly economical.
  • Plastic armature and a wide window.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stable and extremely quiet.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • For safer operation, the device deactivates when you open the front cover to access the capsule.

03 Specification

Voltage220V150 Hz
Mixing frequency4500tr/min (rpm)
FrequencyDigital Display to set the mixing frequency
Time and oscillations can be varied with an amplitude 25nm & frequency of 4350 oscillations/second
For mercury-based fillings
With the width of the oscillating range, the mixing frequency and your selected time (1-99S)

04 Frequently Asked Questions

What is dental amalgamator?

Dental amalgamator is an electronic mixing machine that function under a microprocessor’s power to blend the dental restorative materials. This ensures a precise and perfect consistent mix of the dental cements in a pre-disposed capsule.

Is this used only for dental amalgam?

It can be used for mixing of pre-disposed capsules of composites, light cure glass ionomer cements, also dental amalgam.

How much time is needed to mix Fuji IX capsule?

Fuji IX capsule can be placed in between the ironclad bearing, then set the time for 3 sec and then it is now loaded in the gun type disposal for restoration.

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