Gnatus BioQualy 32L Air Compressors

01 Overview

An oil-free dental compressor with the ability to support up to 2 chairs and 0.75HP. Its air moisture regulator filter & anti-bacterial inner tank coating provides extremely dry hygienic air to the dental chair.

02 Key Highlights

  • Super silent & oil-free to provide complete dry air during treatment.
  • Anti-bacterial inner coating in the tank makes it rust-free and the air inside the tank free from pathogens.
  • Safety switches to prevent overload or overpressure inside the tank.
  • Thermal protector to prevent overheating of the BioQualy 32L Air Compressor.
  • Air- regulator moisture filter to make the air dryer, which increases the life of the valves and tubings inside the chair.

03 Specification

ServesUp to 1-2 dental chairs
Single head with 2 pistonsfor faster filling of tank and increased flow rate.
Power550 Watt

04 Frequently Asked Questions

For How many chairs, the Gnatus Bio Qualy Air 32L compressor can be connected?

The max flow rate of the Gnatus Bio Qualy 32L Air compressor is 122l/min, hence it can be used for a maximum of 1-2 chairs in the dental clinic.

What is air moisture regulator filter in Gnatus compressor?

Air moisture regulator filter removes the moisture from the compressed air for storage inside the tank, so that the compressed air won’t cause any rusting of internal parts and increase the life of the dental chair and the compressor.

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