01 Overview

NSK MPAS Head F20 R is used to perform accurate root canal preparation as it is equipped with inbuilt probe ring to show the real time display of file inside the root canal.

02 Key Highlights

  • It is compatible with Endomate AT, DT & TC2.
  • Apex Locator Monitor.
  • Safe, Precise & efficient root canal procedure.

03 Specification

Gear ratio20:1
Rotation360 degree head rotation
Autoclavable up to 135 degree C
For shank lenght up to 12 mm
With attached probe ring
For all types of Ni-Ti Files

04 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of MPAS?

MPAS stands for Mini head, Push button, Apex locator and S for Long shank files.

What is this used for?

MPAS head is used for connecting the apex locator with the endomotor for the real time display of file inside the canal.

Is it compatible with NSK Endomate DT?

Yes, this is compatible with NSK Endomotors, i.e. NSK Endomate AT, Endomate DT & Endomate TC2.

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