01 Overview

API Conservative Instruments Kit (Set Of 20 Pcs) includes M.M.Top With Handle,Explorer/Probe Double Ended,Straight Probe Single,Ended,William's/Marking Probe ,London College Tweezer,Cement Spatula D/E,Ball Burnisher S/M,Amalgam Serrated Condenser,Spoon Excavator # 2980 Parallelogram Condenser Small,Plastic Filling Instrument # 3067,GMT # 28 GMT # 29,Hatchets - Small,Enamel Chisel D/E,Enamel HOE #2958,Hollenback Carver,Wards Carver,Diamond Shape Carver,Wax Carver. High Quality Stainless Steel is used to make Conservative Instruments & Leather pouch is provide to keep them safe & secure from damages.

02 Key Highlights

  • The Handle Solid With Gentle Textured Groove 6mm.
  • Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk slipping.
  • 100% Rust Free.
  • Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.
  • Fully Autoclavable.
  • Easy in Grasp, Gripp and Clean.
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified.
  • CE Certified Products.
  • 2 years warranty.

03 Specification

Conservative Instruments Kit (Set Of 20 Pcs)SpecificationCatalog No.
M.M.Top With Handle #5 API-99-528 & 524
Explorer/Probe Double EndedD/EAPI-99-539 & 550
Straight Probe Single EndedS/EAPI-99-546
William's/Marking Probe #14WAPI-99-560
London College Tweezer #2 API-99-518
Cement Spatula D/ED/EAPI-99-884
Ball Burnisher S/M S/MAPI-99-649
Amalgam Serrated CondenserSmallAPI-99-620
Spoon Excavator # 2980 #2980API-99-740
Parallelogram Condenser SmallSmallAPI-99-634
Plastic Filling Instrument # 3067 #3067 API-99-647
GMT # 28 #28API-99-696
GMT # 29 #29 API-99-697
Hatchets - SmallSmallAPI-99-770
Enamel Chisel D/E1/2mmAPI-99-702
Enamel HOE #2958#2958N/A
Hollenback CarverFineAPI-99-678
Wards Carver Fine N/aAPI-99-674
Diamond Shape Carver FineAPI-99-679
Wax Carver FineAPI-99-902

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