Zircoza IS-TR-CZD Shade A3

01 Overview

A Pre colored Zirconia material, specially used for the pre shaded crowns and bridges work,

These are available from the vita shade guide color of A1, A2 AND A3

02 Key Highlights

  • (IS-TR-CZD COLOURED) blanks are compatible for open system milling machines
  • It is a preshaded disc used for posterior crowns & coping & anterior crowns
  • It is a third generation Zirconium oxide, a hybrid, tetragonal, polycrystal structure with it’s perfect fit for monolithic restorations.
  • They feature High Strength, Biocompatibility, Homogenous Density.

03 Specifications

  • Grade: Zircoza Iso Pressed Translucent Colored (Preshaded) Zirconia Disc (Is-Tr-Czd)
  • Shades Available: A1, A2, A3
  • Sintering Temp C: 1450
  • Transmission % As Per Shimadzu Spectrophotometer Uv2600: 36.5
  • Transmission % As Per Haze Meter: 43.4
  • Bending Strength Mpa: >1000
  • Sintering Body Density (G/Cm^3):  6.1

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