Zircoza IS-ZD Pro

01 Overview

Solid zirconia contains more stabilizers than translucent zirconia which makes it opaque in properties, making it more durable to withstand forceful chewing and grinding.

This material is particularly suitable for patients who have tendency of biting teeth more strongly and have a habit of bruxism. Only minimal clearance is required for this type of restoration, and there is low wear on opposing teeth.

02 Key Highlights

  • (IS-ZD PRO) blanks are compatible for open system milling machines
  • It is a white opaque zircoza disc which are designed for manufacturing of coping, long span bridges posterior crowns.
  • It is a third generation Zirconium oxide, a hybrid, tetragonal, polycrystal structure with it’sperfect fit for monolithic restorations.
  • They feature High Strength, Biocompatibility, Homogenous Density.

03 Specifications

  • Grade:  Zircoza Iso Pressed White Opaque Zirconia Disc (Is-Zd Pro)           
  • Sintering Temp C: 1450
  • Transmission % As Per Shimadzu Spectrophotometer Uv2600:  35
  • Transmission % As Per Haze Meter: 41.6
  • Bending Strength Mpa:  1200
  • Sintering Body Density (G/Cm^3): 6.1
  • 1 Mm Thickness

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