NSK Electric Micromotor Upgrading System – NLZ E

01 Overview

An electric micromotor with an upgrading system, which can be used for both crown cutting as well as endodontic treatment.The unique technology of “NLZ” employs an all-new micromotor system and expands the possibilities of dental treatment. Compact size with higher safety & flexibility. The reciprocating mode can be used with a separate handpiece NLZ Endo (6:1) gear head.

02 Key Highlights

•Flexible installation style with superior visibility & operability in a compact design.

•With regular, endo & reciprocating modes.

•Can be used for crown cutting as well as for endodontic treatment.

•Reciprocating mode can be used with a separate handpiece NLZ Endo (6:1) gear head.

Contra-check function: helps detects abnormalities caused by the deterioration of electric attachment.

•Contra-safe function: It stops the motor if heat generation is estimated in the handpiece.

•Microfilter present within the tubing connector catch debris & foreign particles in the water & prevent clogging.

•Simplifies pipe configuration to reduce the risk of water clogging in the motor.

03 Specification

EndomotorsBrushless Endomotor with Superior performance.
Speed Range100- 40,000 rpm ( upto 2,00,000 rpm while using 1:5 handpiece)
Endodontic Torque range0.3 – 6.0 Ncm ( Max Torque 4.2 Ncm in general mode)
3 modesRegular , Endo & Reciprocating with 6 programs setting.
Regular modeIn this mode, handpieces with both 1:1 gear ratio & 1:5 gear ratio can be used.

• When a 1:5 gear ratio handpiece is used, the speed can be increased up to 2,00,000 rpm.

• When a 1:1 gear ratio handpiece is used, the speed range changes to 100 – 40,000 rpm.
Endo modeIn this mode, a handpiece with a 1:1 gear ratio can be used and the speed range is 100- 6,000rpm.
Reciprocating modeIn endo mode, torque can be adjusted, also Auto-reverse mode gets activated.

Reciprocating mode: For this operation, a separate handpiece NLZ E with gear ratio 6:1 has to be connected.

•The new NLZ Endo motor has a reciprocating function which allows working in the reciprocating mode (150:30)

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

Which all cases can be performed using NSK NLZ E electric motor?

NSK NLZ E, a new type electric motor is used for all types of surgical, general and endodontic procedures using various gear head handpieces.

Does this electric motor has reciprocation function?

Yes, NLZ E has reciprocating function with 6:1 gear ratio handpiece.

Can it be inbuilt in the dental chair delivery unit?

Yes, there is option to inbuilt this electric motor in the delivery unit of the dental chair.

Is calibration option available?

Yes, there is option to calibrate the handpiece speed.

What is the safety function in NLZ E?

There is Contra-check function that helps detect abnormalities caused by deterioration of the electric attachment, also contra-safe function stops the handpiece functioning when it gets heated.

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