Strong 210 Lab Control Box with Lab Engine

01 Overview

Micromotor lab engine 105L with Lab control Box 210 imported from Korea with high durability and excellent performance in the field of dentistry. It is widely used by many dental professionals as well as lab technicians to perform many procedures. This device is easily available online to buy at the best price by dental professional or lab technician as per their requirement.

02 Key Highlights

• Very Less heat generation suitable for procedures for a longer duration

• Smooth functioning of the motor allows easy trimming.

• High-quality components for the assurance of the long life of the device.

• Extra Torque for the faster cutting action.

• Less noise for enhanced user comfort.

• Both hand and foot operation for maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Uses of Dental Lab Micromotor:

• Partial or complete Denture Trimming

• Crowns/ bridges trimming

• Finishing and polishing of various dental prostheses

03 Specification

Lab Micromotor HandpieceControl Box
Max Speed up to 40,000 rpmMax Speed up to 35,000 rpm
One Spare Carbon Set availableForward or reverse direction selection

04 Frequently Asked Questions

For which all cases, clinical micromotor can be used?

Clinical micromotor is used for trimming & polishing of denture, crown, bridges etc.

What all handpieces can be used in this strong clinical micromotor?

In clinical micromotor, low speed handpieces e.g. straight and contra-angle handpieces can be used.

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