VMax 450 Suction

01 Overview

A wet line suction system with high suction performance of 500 l/min and internal noise reduction system for silent operations. It is 1 HP device with -13 Kpa vacuum power and supports up to 2 chairs.

02 Key Highlights

  • Wet line suction system .
  • High suction power, stable &  concentrated.
  • Internal noise reduction system.
  • Use of frequency conversion  technology, can adjust the flow according to the chairs that are actually being used.
  • other models are also available – VMax 1250 & VMax 1450

03 Specification

Power (HP)0.88
Max Pumping (L/min)800
Vacuum Degree (KPa)-13
Suitable ChairsUpto 2 Chair
Noise (dB)53

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the head size of the handpiece?

Vmax 450 suction system can support up to 2 chairs.

What is Frequency conversion technology in Vmax 450 suction?

The suction power is adjusted according to the dental chair actually being used.

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