NSK Endo Mate DT

01 Overview

ENDO-MATE DT is smart & reliable dental endodontic motor which offers the flexibility of pedal-free operation to maintain hygiene. Its ultra-slim & compact handpiece, easy to access to the last molar region & a wide range of speed & torque Control with auto-reverse functionality can enhance the quality of your root canal treatment.

02 Key Highlights

  • Operates on electrical power or battery.
  • Variable Speed
  • 9 programmable memory
  • 6 head angles for ease of treatment
  • Push type Ultra-miniature head
  • On/Off switch on the handpiece.
  • Lightweight comfortable handpiece
  • Compact & portable desktop unit
  • Small head adjustable to 6 positions
  • Quick coupling allows for easy head
  • Auto-reverse on, Auto- Stop, Auto reverse off functions
  •  Pedal-free operation (optional foot control unit available).
  • Mini Head handpiece with a slim neck for excellent visibility.
  • Torque control from  0.1~6.5 NCM (Depending on the gear ratio of the head selected)

03 Specification

Power Supply AC120V 60 Hz or 230V 50/60 Hz and Battery Pack
Speed range 100-13,000 min-1 (With 20:1 4:1,1:1,16:1 geared heads)
DimensionsW92 x D148 x H124 (mm)
WeightUnit 456g/Motor handpiece & cord 92g
Charge/Continuous use5h/2h( Depending on workload
Max Torque7 NCM( when using 20:1 head)
Number of Program9
BatteryAC operated

04 Product Videos

05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time taken by this Endomotor for full charging?

It takes around 5 hours for full charging and can be used continuously for 2 hours, once charged fully.

What is the advantage of 6 head angle in the handpiece?

This handpiece has 6 head angles for easy positioning inside the patient mouth as per the requirement.

The on/off switch is placed on the unit only?

The On/Off switch for the handpiece is available in the handpiece only near the thumb of the operator for easy working. Also, foot control (optional) can be provided to the operator if required. 

Does it come with apex locator?

No, it doesn’t come with integrated apex locator, but it can be connected with MPAS head and NSK Ipex II apex locator for the real time display of file inside the canal. 

How many programs can be saved in this Endomotor?

Max 9 programs can be saved in this Endomotor.

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