01 Overview

PAPAYA with Cubical Semi tomography (CUST) Provides accurate tomographic Cross-Sectional information for Diagnosis, Implant planning & follow-up of implants. Other than this one can also have accurate measurement of Dimensions of Lesions & Planning of surgical procedures.

02 Key Highlights

  • Genoray Papaya CUST and Papaya Plus has dedicated CMOS flat panel sensor.
  • Supports 9 panoramic programs including Standard, orthogonal, Bitewing, TMJ lateral, TMJ PA, TMJ LAT-PA, Sinus PA, Sinus lateral, Sinus Mid lateral.
  • Child panoramic and partial arch scans are available to allow patient dose reduction.
  • Semi Tomography Imaging: Papaya Cust provides 256 cross-sectional sliced images required for implant planning. It enables implant planning without CBCT Economically.
  • *On-Site CBCT Upgradable option is available with a premium version only.
  • 3 laser guides make patient positioning easy. Outstanding adjustment can lessen artefacts for favorable diagnosis.
  • Easy positioning with open-face architecture. It makes calm experience for patients without claustrophobic feelings.
  • Users can browse between panoramic images and select the most suitable one for diagnosis.
  • With calibration option, Papaya CUST gives less than 1mm error Image. The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information for implant planning also.
  • Variable focal trough with 9 different arch shapes feature give more accurate 2D image.
  • Open Positioning (Face to face) and 3 scan modes ( Normal, Fast and HD )
  • Share your images with ease (CDSEE, DICOM 3.0) – Image data is in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture. Freedom to choose the most suitable software solution for your needs.
  • Sealed base and columns, so safe from rats, lizards, cockroaches etc from wire cutting and short circuiting.
  • Self-standing, no need to drill in wall or floor.
  • Wheelchair accessible.

03 Specification

Exposure Time5 sec
Exposure Values66-76 kV/6-10 mA
No. of Projection images10
Scan Time1min 20sec
Exposure Time3 sec / projection, 30 sec totally
Exposure Values66-85 kV/6-10 mA
Field of View50x50x103mm/256x256x530 voxels
Voxel Size0.195mm
Measurement Error< 1 mm
Reconstruction Time< 1 min (GTX650)

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05 Client Testimonials

Dr. Abhishek Goyal

New Delhi

Dr. Satwant Sobti

New Delhi

06 Frequently Asked Questions

What is CUST?

It is known as Cubicle Semi Tomography usually taken in order to see the cross-sectional image in the panoramic x-ray.

How the CUST is useful?

It is very much useful to the dentist who needs to check the cross-sectional image for the diagnosis without referring the patient for a CBCT.

What is the unique feature this OPG holds?

The software gives you option to select “9 Arch shapes” in order to get sharp image quality which no other OPG is providing right now in India. Only this OPG provides TMJ Lateral PA view as compared to other OPG in the market. This OPG also works with the ALARA concept.

Is it possible to make the OPG adjustable?

Yes, it can be adjustable as it can go up almost 8 ft and down till 2.5 ft. Also, it is very much accessible to the wheel chair patient.

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