01 Overview

NSK Surgical AP, which provides advanced implant motors with high precision. Its surgical brushless motor meets professional criteria and provides outstanding clinical results. NSK Surgic AP is designed exclusively for oral and implant surgery and offers all the strength and performance for these procedures you will need.

Together with a large velocity range of 200-40,000 min-1, 210 watts of Power and 50 NCM of torque provide the versatility and quick response Needed for a variety of surgical procedures. The portable console is user-friendly, easy to use and specifically built for the atmosphere of an aseptic theatre.

02 Key Highlights

  • A large user-friendly LCD display
  • Max torque output : 50Ncm
  • 8 individual program
  • User-friendly simple foot control.
  • Brushless Motor
  • Powerful external pump with optimum irrigation capacity.
  • External & internal irrigation
  • S-Max SG20 handpiece with a gear ratio 20:1 to prevent bone from necrosis.
  • Handpiece with a Double Sealing System to prevent cross- contamination

03 Specification

Control UnitMax. Output/Max. Torque : 210 W / 50 Ncm
Power Supply : AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
Max. Pump Output : 75 mL/min
Programs : 8 Programs
Micromotor (SG50MS)Motor Speed : 200-40,000 min-1
Foot Control (FC-55)Speed Control: Variable
IPX8 certified

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

Which type handpiece comes with NSK Surgic AP?

NSK Surgic AP comes with S-max SG20 non-optic handpiece with 20:1 reduction gear ratio with stainless steel body.

How many programs can be saved in Surgic AP?

A total no of 8 programs can be saved in Surgic AP.

What type of foot control is provided with this unit?

A simple foot control is provided with variable speed control (forward motion only).

Is there any feature for safety in the handpiece?

The SG20 handpiece of Surgic AP comes with Double Sealing System that prevents the entry of oral fluids and blood into the handpiece.

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