Advance Piezosurgery Unit – Surgery X

01 Overview

Woodpecker presents 3rd generation piezosurgery unit with high cutting efficiency for minimally invasive bone cutting during various maxillofacial surgeries. Its high-performance handpiece with stable frequency provides high accuracy and efficient micron cutting

02 Key Highlights

  • Precise cutting with no harm to soft tissue e.g. blood vessels, mucous membrane, etc
  • 2 Nos. LED handpiece with the latest sealing technology for no loss of performance come with the unit.
  • Micron cutting for faster healing & less post-operative trauma.
  • 14 Versatile tips come along with the unit for various osteotomy procedures
  • Cold cutting mode i.e. less heat production saves tissue from necrosis.
  • Clear 7-inch touch screen with easy to disinfect.
  • Multifunctional foot control for asepsis operation.
  • Gold plated tips with a long time of endurance which is wear-resistant.
  • Various clinical applications e.g. osteotomy procedures, osteoplasty, sinus lift, apicectomy, ankylosed tooth sectioning, impacted tooth removal, ridge split, etc.

03 Specification

Vibration amplitude of tip20 to 100µm
4 modesBone, Perio, Endo, Clean
Power level divided into 7 classes Power 6,7 – very high-density bone
Power 5,4 – High-density bone
Power 3,2 – Low-density bon
Power 1,0 – Very low-density bone
Cleaning mode After each treatment, using this mode the pump line and handpiece can be cleaned.
Working frequency24-36 kHz
Water flow25-110ml/min

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

How many tips come with Surgery X and what are the use?

A total no. of 14 tips come with DTE Surgery X,.

US1: high effective osteotomy of large bone sections

US1L: Osteotomy tip with left angle 90-degree tip angulation

US1R: Osteotomy tip with right angle 90-degree tip angulation

US2: Ridge expansion & bone block grafting procedures

US3: Osteotomy of great precision of anatomically thin structures

US4: Universal osteoplasty or inflammatory tissue removal

US5: High effective osteoplasty & bone remodeling

UL1: Tip angle 120-degree, separation of sinus membrane

UL2: Schneiderian membrane separation from the bony wall

UL3: Diamond coated for osteoplasty, non-traumatic to thin bone or near delicate anatomical structures

UL4: Micrometric osteotomy near soft tissues

UL5: Tip angle 95-degree, separation of sinus membrane in internal zones

UC1: Used to cut ankylosed tooth or root fraction technique
U12: Implant site preparation

How Surgery X can be helpful in Impaction case?

Surgery X, piezosurgery unit can be helpful in providing precise bone cutting experience to the dentist with ultrasonic vibrations, soft tissue sparing technique that helps in preventing soft tissue injury and blood less bone surgery. It also helps in faster healing so provide extra comfort to the patient with reduced post-operative trauma. The specific US1L & US1R tip of surgery X is very useful in precisely cutting the bone around the impacted tooth.

How many modes are available in the Surgery X?

Surgery X has 4 modes (Bone, Perio, Endo & Clean Mode)

how to set the power during various operations?

The power level in the surgery X can be set as per the requirement and the bone density level.

  1. a) Power 6-7: Very high bone density
  2. b) Power 4-5: High bone density
  3. c) Power 3-4: Middle bone density
  4. d) Power 2-3: Low bone density
  5. e) Power 1: Very low bone density

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