01 Overview

NSK offers advanced Technology to greatey enhance clinical Performance. Surgic Pro+ is Compact Lightweight & Powerful to reliabily deliver everything that professionals demand

02 Key Highlights

  • Surgic Pro+ with 230W high power.
  • 5~80 Ncm powerful torque.
  • Wide speed range of 200 ~ 40,000 min-1.
  • Large backlit LCD Display to see & check the displayed data.
  • User can save up to 8 preferred settings (speed, torque, coolant flow and rotational direction).
  • Control Unit with advanced hand piece calibration for torque & speed accuracy.
  • Data Accessibility – Treatment data can be accessed & downloaded using a USB memory stick. (USB memory stick is optional).
  • Micro motor with 2 meter Cord.
  •  Data storage facility – Can record the date, speed, rotational direction, torque, gear ratio, coolant solution flow volume up to 100min, with no special software needed.
  • With X-DSG20L dismentable Hand piece (Optic).
  • Control panel with hand piece light Intensity variation control (Off / Medium / High).
  • Light power : Over 32,000 LUX (LED Micromotor).
  • Dimensions : W268 x D220 x H100 (mm).
  • Built in memory : 100 min

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04 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the head size of the handpiece?

The handpiece is very compact with mini head for easy access to the last molar region or less mouth opening patients.

How many programs can be saved in this Endomotor?

9 programs can be saved in this Endomotor.

Can I use this Endomotor with Protaper gold?

Yes, this Endomotor is compatible with any Ni-Ti rotary files. 

How this Endomotor will help me in curved canals?

This Endomotor has Auto-reverse functions for preserving the canal anatomy and effortless biomechanical preparation even in curved canals with reduced file breakage and procedural accidents.

Can it be used with battery?

No this is AC operated only, it cannot be used with battery.

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