01 Overview

Wattage is not just a factor that defines the cutting efficiency and success of ultrasonic surgery. The power factor between the frequency of the three elements, control unit, handpiece vibration characteristics, and tip design is critical for handling high power and cutting performance. For the ultimate in ultrasonic efficiency, the Variosurg 3 readily balances these three elements Stable Cutting through feedback and auto-tuning functions Feedback function : This role continuously tracks the output parameters of the ultrasonic device during service.

At the same time, it regulates the power output to maximise the power level depending on the operation. Auto-Tuning function : To ensure that the set output values are always correctly transmitted at the tip to maintain ideal vibration, the oscillating frequency is controlled automatically.

02 Key Highlights

  • Major power boost
  • 3 Modes (SURG, ENDO, PERIO)
  • Selectable burst mode
  • 9 Programs (SURG x 5, ENDO x 2, PERIO x 2)
  • Adjustable LED Light Intensity
  • Automatic cleaning mode
  • Feedback function
  • Auto tuning function
  • Dynamic link feature major power boost
  • LED handpiece with 2 meter cord
  • Basic H-S – Kit : (H -SG1, SG3, SG5, SG6D, SG7D, SG11 & Tip Holder)
  • Handpiece stand, Irrigation tube (5 pcs) & other accessories
  • Application :Bone surgery, Sinus lifts, Extraction, Implant preparation

03 Specification

Frequency28 – 32 kHz
Irrigation flow rate10 – 80 mL/min
DimensionW265 X D220 X H100 (mm)
Power supplyAC120V or 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum output25 W
Multifunctional foot control(FC-78)
Sterilization Cassette

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

How Feedback function helps in operation?

The Feedback Function in NSK Variosurg3, provides a stable power output to optimize the power level as per the requirement.

What all procedures can be performed using Variosurg3?

The Variosurg3 can be used for various osteotomy procedures, scraping, extraction, sinus lift, implant preparation, socket lift (crestal approach), sinus membrane detachment, perio cases, retrograde endo etc.

What is advanced Burst Mode?

When burst mode is switched from SURG mode, it helps in cutting the hardest bone or denser bone creating a hammered drill effect.

How to know the cutting efficiency?

The cutting efficiency is determined by control unit frequency, handpiece vibration and tip design. The variosurg3 handpiece offers a maximum power of 150% in SURG mode for effective and shorter treatment time, when the correct tip is used.

What all tips come with Variosurg3?

Variosurg3 comes with 6 tips:

HSG -1: For general bone surgery, mostly for chin bone harvests, mandibular ramus & mental foramen area.

SG3: For flattening the alveolar crest or harvesting bone fragments

SG5: For removal of diseases granulation tissues from extraction sites

SG6D: Sinus Lift Tip, for bone fenestration and bone formations (SURG 80%)

SG7D: Sinus Lift Tip, for bone fenestration and bone formations (SURG 50%)

SG11: Sinus membrane detachment (for avulsion and elevation of maxillary sinus membrane)

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