Inbuilt Scaler V3

01 Overview

DTE, Woodpecker is offering V3 LED scaler that can be in-built in a dental chair to save space around the dentist’ console so that dentist can work freely. Its advanced technology and the autoclavable handpiece provide a more comfortable scaling to the patient with minimum sensitivity and thus has become a reliable ultrasonic scaler for the dentists worldwide.

02 Key Highlights

  • Detachable and autoclavable handpiece at 134° C handpiece. 
  • Automatic frequency tracking facility makes easier for the dentist to remove the calculus or tartar very effortlessly. 
  • Microcomputer controlled device to choose from various modes and work smoothly. 
  • Handpiece is compatible with Satelac, NSK tips. 
  • The device material is made of aero plastic from Europe & America, and the handpiece is CE & FDA Certified. 
  • The tube is made of highly durable silica gel.
  • Device with Endo mode for enhanced accuracy in root canal treatment by elimination of all the infections from root canals, using endo irrigation tips. 
  • Automatic degenerative feedback provides a constant power output for a comfortable scaling procedure. 
  • Athermic and golden coated tips are highly durable and prevents over-temperature of the tip during oral prophylaxis procedure. 
  • Enhanced visibility with LED Handpiece.

03 Technical Specification

Output Power3W – 20W
Frequency28 KHZ ± 3Khz
Water pressure0.1 Bar ~ 0.5 Bar
Weight of main unit0.2 Kgs
Tips5 Scaling Tips (3 general scaling, 1 Perio, 1 stain removal) & 1 Endo attachment

04 Frequently Asked Questions

Which tip comes with the unit for endodontic procedure?

Only 1 endo attachment comes along with Ni-Ti Files for endodontic irrigation.

Is it possible to change the endo mode when it is inbuilt in the chair?

Yes, through the pull-push switch under the delivery unit of the dental chair the endo mode can be changed, even if it is in-built in the chair.

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