UV Chamber with 12 SS trays

01 Overview

The new style of UV Chamber is a compact ultraviolet germicidal chamber to safely store sterilized dental instruments for use. The high-quality UV-C tube inside the Dental UV Chamber effectively eradicates all the microorganisms and prevents contamination of the sterilized instruments. Its germicidal radiations restrict the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

02 Key Highlights

  • Dental UV Chamber is equipped with High-quality Phillips UV-C Tube with a life of 8000 hours.
  • Magnetic strips door lock with auto-cut off facility for safety.
  • UV Chamber enhanced intensity with stainless steel reflectors for more working surface area coverage.
  • High-Quality 304 stainless steel trays for high durability
  • 99.9% effectiveness for decontamination of microbes.
  • UVC LED light is fixed for improved visibility while removing instruments from the UV chamber.
  • Maximum storage capacity of the sterilized dental instruments.
  • Rust-Proof design for increased durability.

03 Specification

Chamber DimensionA – 12 Trays – 300 X 190 X 510mm.
B – 15 Trays – 300 X 190 X 572mm
Power Consumption8W UVC Tube
Power Supply220V 50H
Tray12 stainless steel trays

04 Frequently Asked Questions

How UV Chamber helps in prevention of microorganisms on the sterilized instruments?

UV Chamber works on the technology of UVC, which prevents the growth of the microorganism as it destroys the microbial DNA, hence the sterilized instruments are kept inside the dental UV chamber to keep them sterile for a longer period.

Which UVC tube is placed inside this UV chamber?

Phillips UV-C tube of 8W power is placed in the door of the Dental UV chamber with a shelf-life of 8000 hours.

What is UV-C?

UV-C is the shortest wavelength of Ultraviolet-visible light, range from 100 – 280 nm.

What is the wavelength of the UV-C light used for Dental UV chamber?

The wavelength used for the Dental UV chamber is 253.7 nm, it is the safest wavelength with maximum microbicidal effect.

For How Many Days The Sterilized Instruments Remain Sterile Inside a UV-Chamber?

UV-C light having microbicidal properties maintains the sterility of the instruments for a longer period, till the instruments are inside the Dental UV chamber.

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