The Coronavirus Epidemic: Spread of the Disease & Preventive Measures

The world is dealing with a difficult hazardous situation of COVID-19, for which we were never ready, and is engulfing the whole human race as well. This is a critical situation where everyone is having fear to lose their loved ones and family, thus are trying to make any of the preventive measures that could help during this pandemic. There are many ways which are of great prevention indeed and one must be aware of the things as well.

The spread of the disease:

The COVID-19 primarily spreads through the droplet infection or transmitted through air, but the secondary mode of spread includes surfaces and object contamination and which can also be enough to carry the disease. Thus in order to reduce the spread of the disease to a wide population, care must be taken to maintain their sanitization as well.

     These various objects can be a carrier of the virus for several hours thus can also spread the disease to the one who comes in contact with those objects or surfaces. So, these are also an important part of the transmission of this COVID-19 disease.

Prevention from COVID-19:

To date, there is no definite cure or treatment found effective for this COVID-19 disease, thus as we always say “prevention is better than cure”; the only way to fight with the current scenario is prevention. There are many ways that are effective in prevention from coronavirus spread, some of them are-

  • To follow the social distancing rule, maintaining a minimum 6 feet distance between people.
  • Hand sanitization by sanitizers having more than 60% alcohol base.
  • Washing hands for more than 20 seconds with any soap.
  • Avoiding stepping out of the house without any necessity.
  • Avoid touching face and mouth while outdoor.
  • Wearing mouth masks.
  • Avoid any physical contact with any person.
  • Covering our face and mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  • Use of chemical surface disinfectants.
  • Use of UV-C light Sanitizers for surface sanitization.
  • Use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kit by the health workers.

All these techniques and methods are being practiced and used to decrease the spread of coronavirus effectively all around the world, thus one can be safe by doing these things only.


All these are the preventive measures that are to be followed by every individual in order to stay safe and also keeping the others safe too. All these modalities are easily available in the market by various manufacturers and suppliers, in the form of liquid or gel hand sanitizers, face shields, mouth masks of different kinds, PPE kits, UV-C Sanitizer Box, UV-C Chamber,  UV-V light wands, etc.

By use of these things are in order to keep the world safe from this tough situation of a global pandemic, thus everyone needs to do so, as there are many fighters in the form of health workers who are risking their lives too in order to prevent us from this dangerous infectious disease.

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