Things to keep in Mind While Buying an Intraoral Scanner

It can be a dental practice’s most valuable tool. This is because dental practices that use good intraoral scanners offer patients an outstanding chairside experience.

Today, an increasing number of informed dentists are equipping their clinics with oral scanners. For most dental practices is an important one because often an intraoral scanner is a major investment. Therefore, before buying any equipment a dental practice must keep some important things in mind to ensure it makes a worthwhile investment. A few things to keep in mind are as follows.

An Intraoral Scanner should be fast

One of the most important reasons to buy an intraoral scanner is that it reduces chair-side time. A good intraoral scanner should reduce the chair-side time significantly.

It Should be Widely Accepted

A digital impression created using an oral scanner must be accepted by as many labs as possible. One of the biggest follies a dental clinic can make is purchasing an oral scanner that produces images in a format that very few labs accept. An oral scanner should be part of an open ecosystem because images taken by it will be accepted by a large number of labs. 

It should be Portable

It should ideally be portable. It shouldn’t be so large as to make using it cumbersome. Intraoral scanners manufactured by TRIOS have the most ergonomic design, are lightweight, and fit easily in the palm. The best oral scanners are small, lightweight, yet powerful.  

Should Produce Images of High Accuracy

It should capture high-quality digital impressions. We offer Intraoral Camera accuracy of up to 8 microns, which is 1/10 the width of a human hair, and a good intraoral scanner’s accuracy should never be more than 20 microns.

It Should Produce Real Colours

A good Intraoral Scanner should produce images having real colors. Such an intraoral scanner should capture the precise hue of every tooth it scans. Though there are innumerable intraoral scanners that don’t capture images in real colors. A dentist who expects to provide exceptional service to his or her patients should use intraoral scanners that produce images in real colors because real colors help educate patients with the proper diagnosis. Scanners that don’t produce images in real colors just produce colorful images of little practical value.

It Shouldn’t Demand Use of Contrast Spray

It has become very advanced and can be used with no preparation. Hence any intraoral scanner that demands that a contrast spray be used beforehand must not be considered suitable for use by a dental clinic. intraoral Scanner makes it easy and fast to perform digital oral scans and the best ones can be used as soon as a patient is seated in a dental chair. When dentists shop for oral scanners they should always consider such oral scanners.

Backed by Support Team and Backend Support

An intraoral scanner is a significant investment. Dental clinics should only buy intraoral scanners from reliable entities that can train dentists how to use them and provide backend support. Without knowing how to use an intraoral scanner, a dentist may inadvertently damage it which makes such training essential. A backend support team is also essential because any problem arises it can solve it quickly.

It Should Have Anti-Fogging Feature

Every intraoral scanner should have an anti-fogging feature. This is essential because there is considerable moisture inside the mouth which fogs mirrors and lenses. A dentist who uses an intraoral scanner with an anti-fogging feature can confidently create a digital impression without worrying that fog will lead to impressions of poor quality.

It is a significant yet worthwhile investment for every dental clinic. This is why when shopping for an intraoral scanner, dentists and dental practitioners should ensure they only consider scanners that have the attributes, specifications, and features mentioned above.

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