Woodpecker U6 Scaler

02 Key Highlights

  • Smart touch system for easy operation.
  • Detachable & autoclavable aluminum aloy handpiece with the latest sealing technique.
  • Automatic frequency tracking for more effective scaling.
  • Scaler to enhance the root canal treatment e.g. canal orifice locating, foreign body removal, root canal irrigation, etc.
  • Sine wave drive to avoid stimulation and increase patient comfort

03 Specification

3 ModesGeneral, Perio & Endo
Comes with 7 TipsGD 5, GD 12, PD 4, PD 7, PD 12 & 2 nos. of ED 60
Supragingival Scaling
Subgingival Scaling
Endodontic irrigation

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05 Frequently Asked Questions

What is sine wave drive in Woodpecker U6 LED Ultrasonic Dental Scaler?

Sine wave drive is an advanced technology in the U6 LED ultrasonic scaler that avoids the stimulation due to vibration and provides patients extra comfort in case of dentinal hypersensitivity.

What all tips come with U6 LED Scaler?

With the U6 LED scaler main unit, total 7 tips come, i.e. 2 for general scaling, 3 for Perio subgingival scaling and 2 for Endodontic irrigation.

For what all endo cases U6 Ultrasonic Scaler can be used?

U6 LED scaler from DTE Woodpecker is used during various endodontic procedures e.g. orifice locating during access opening, broken file removal, root canal irrigation, calcification removal, foreign body removal from the canal or dentinal plugs removal from the canal etc.

What type of handpiece come with this U6 Dental Scaler?

The handpiece of U6 Scaler is made of Aluminium alloy with a latest sealing technique that makes it easy to detach and put in an autoclave for sterilization.

How to control the water spray during endo irrigation?

There is a knob in the back side of the unit, from which the water spray from the handpiece can be controlled.

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