Use Of UV-C Light For Virus Sanitization

During this current global pandemic of COVID-19 outbreak, the world has learned different aspects of sanitization as well as disinfection techniques, washing hands, using liquid chemical sanitizers and social distancing are most common amongst them. But all these techniques are only helpful in stopping the spread by direct transmission, as the virus primarily spreads through droplet infection in air, and aerosols, but what about the indirect transmission of the virus through surfaces of multiple handled objects and surfaces that are frequently touched by us?

The UV-C light, that has been tested and proven to sanitize the surfaces and air passing through is a good option for sanitization. It can be helpful in breaking the spreading chain of infection in this hard time. It has been shown in many studies that UV-C light has a proven effect on microbes.

How UV-C Light Works?

UV-C light has the strongest germicidal effect among all of the ultraviolet light spectrum. It has a wavelength of around 200 to 280 nm. The most effective wavelength is 253.7 nm which is being used in the UV-C Sanitizer Box and UV-C Sanitizer Handheld Device too.

Thus when we expose this UV-C light to any object surface it deactivates the virus within one minute by just penetrating the outer cell body and deforming the genetic sequence in their genetic material, either DNA or RNA. By this internal derangement, virus becomes inactive, which makes it incapable of replication in order to cause disease or to carry forward the disease.

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