UV Chamber For Daily Dental Practice

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is used in daily dental practice to ensure the maximum safety of the instruments used in patients for various dental procedures and as an added step to the infection control process after sterilization.  It keeps the sterilized dental instruments and equipment free of contaminations for a longer period of time. 

Utilizing UV Cabinet in a dental clinic provides patients peace of mind, knowing that an extra preventive measure has been taken to ensure the individual’s safety and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

To minimize the potential for transmission of infectious diseases during dental care, proper & reliable infection control is imperative. Ultraviolet rays have long been recognized as a powerful solution without using chemicals or heat for microbicidal effects. 

Dental instruments contaminated with various bacteria or viruses can be a possible health threat to dental professionals. To get rid of any type of microbial infection and to prevent the risk of cross-contamination, by directly interacting with microbial DNA, an innovative way has been identified that is UV-C light. 

Since the mid 20th Century, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is being used for many sterilization measures but has recently been utilized for surface sanitization as well as storing sterilizer equipment and instruments, disinfecting the dental impressions, etc. For bacteria, vegetative spores, viruses, mold, mold spores, yeasts, algae, UV-C light of 254 nm is destructive. The organic materials are saved from being absorbed by UV light due to the low penetration capacity of the UV light.

Dental UV Chamber Structure: This Dental UV Chamber outer body material is made of epoxy coated heavy gauge MS sheets and the inner chamber is made of rust-proof stainless steel ensuring greater durability.

Inside the chamber, it is equipped with stainless steel trays to keep the sterilized dental instruments and a UV-C tube for continuously eliminating the growth of bacteria or virus on the instruments and maintain the sterilization. This UV-C tube has an auto-cut-off system when the door is opened to prevent exposure to human skin for safety. This UV Chamber also has a peeping window to ensure the UV-C tube is working properly and the instruments are continuously exposed to the UV-C germicidal light. UV chamber is a “plug n play” device that saves the time of the dental practitioner or dental assistant.

How UV-C light Works :

UVGI works by interacting with the DNA of bacteria, damaging the nucleic acid to destroy the reproductive capability. A shorter wavelength of UV-C is used i.e. 254 nm to disrupt the microbial DNA. Based on the duration of exposure, the efficacy of ultraviolet radiation is determined and resistant microorganisms may be irradiated more than once to break them down. This suggests that the longer a microbial colony is exposed, the more microbes are affected or if they exhibit resistance, may be attacked more than once or longer. 

Advantages of UV Chamber: 

  • A small investment in energy consumption, without ongoing operating cost. 
  • Most environment-friendly way of disinfection without any toxic chemicals or heat. 
  • Effortless disinfection method and time-saving in the dental clinic.
  • Long term maintenance of sterilization in instruments
  • Safe to use the dental device.
  • Comes in an economical range, can be easily affordable. 
  • Provides extra assurity for safe dental treatment. 
  • Reliable and 100% result in each time.

Conclusion: A fast-growing and invaluable alternative to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infections is the UV Chamber. The UV Chamber is an incredibly effective disinfectant and offers a sanitary workspace. The welfare of the patients and clinical staff employed in the same dental clinic is entrusted to the dental professionals. In this way, they should prepare a systematic method to mitigate the transmission of infection and help build a clean environment for their patients and staff. 

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