UV Sterilizer and Lamps

Keeping the instruments sterilized and disinfected is a necessity, especially in Covid times.

A UV steriliser uses a UVC wavelength that directly deactivates the microbial DNA/RNA structures and helps in effective decontamination of the sterilized dental instruments. 

Attacking a pathogen’s DNA or RNA to a great extent ends its ability to reproduce.

Chemical disinfectants have also been recommended by the World Health Organization for disinfecting surfaces but these chemicals have residual effects, UVC radiations provide physical disinfection without any residual effects.

It is important to know that UVC radiations affect the DNA of all living things, including humans and animals. So, A UV chambers should be a leak-proof, closed box.

UV Chamber with 12 SS trays

A new style UV Chamber for ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of sterilized dental instruments and keep them contamination free for longer period. It is equipped with LED light for better visibility and safety features.